Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Coffee Mate Prize Pack - Confessions of a Psychotic House Wife - 1/8

I love coffee. The only time I do not drink coffee is when I am ill. I do not think I will ever consider giving it up for lent. I would show a lack of prudence to do so. Thus, I will participate in any type of coffee oriented giveaway. I have to support the cause. Check out Confessions of a Psychotic House Wife for a Coffee Mate giveaway.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

$25 Amazon Gift Card - My Spinning Plates - 12/13

My Spinning Plates is hosting a $25 Amazon Electronic Gift Card giveaway. When I think of Amazon, I think of Sephora because Sephora has its own store at Amazon. It is not as good as its own online presence, but I didn't have a problem blowing $98 with my Amazon Gift Card at it yesterday.

Which brings me to my next point. I received the gift card electronically, no waiting for it to come in the mail, wait, even better, no going to the mail box. I think it is 1 degree in Wisconsin so I am not super motivated to go out to my mail box to begin with...

I leave you with three thoughts 1) it's Amazon 2) it's electronic 3) go for it by clicking here.

Philosophy Gift Set - Nicole's Nickels - 12/13

Because it's philosophy...and because it has lip gloss, I am entering this one. As per her post, "gift set includes melting marshmallow shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath 4 oz.; body lotion 2 oz.; and high-gloss, high-flavor lip shine .5 oz." You really cannot have too many body washes can you? Click here ladies to enter!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Eat Smart Scale - Cartoon Lovin' Mama - 12/19

I really want this thing to measure flour. My friend gave me a recipe for pasta using pounds of flour...not so good when you do not have a scale. I was so super dooper excited when I saw that the Cartoon Lovin' Mama was giving one away with Eat Smart.

Good luck!

$25 Amex Gift Card - Mommy Mandy - 12/10

20 winners my friends. The odds are really in your favor for this one! American Express is giving away 20 gift cards, but the cards might actually be worth more! How exciting is that! Head over to Mommy Mandy and enter today!

PS. Please a little prayer for Mommy Mandy that she can be blessed with another child. She is suffering from a loss.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Blogs gone bad...and the good ones

Usually, if I win a blog, I receive my prize on a timely basis. Occasionally, this does not happen. I never received my Charlie's Soap from Tatum Family Reviews. I finally decided to contact Charlie's Soap and they are going to send some to me.

I was awaiting my Ecowater Bottles for quite awhile. I contacted Michelle from Things Sent My Way. This was her response:

I'm so sorry for the delay. The package is being picked up this afternoon for shipment. Plead expect it to arrive after the holiday weekend.

I appreciate your patience and I'm also glad your kept contact with me. Had they shipped and not arrived, I'd want to know that they were never received. Still, I'm sorry these are only going out today.

Enjoy Thanksgiving and be well. Thank you for reading and participating in this giveaway.


Not only did my water bottles arrive, but also numerous samples were included in the box. It was a very sweet gesture and her desire to rectify a problem was impressive. If you are looking to find out more information on good and bad blogs, check out www.online-sweepstakes.com, in the forum posts, some of the members have mentioned blogs that do not send out prizes to winners.

$750 Gift Card - Mommy Mandy - 12/9

This is one of the best blog giveaways that I have seen. If you win, you will receive: $200 gas card, $300 visa card, and $200 Lowe's gift card and a $50 eco friendly car care kit. In my opinion this giveaway has really low entries for the size of the prize. Currently there are less than 800 and the giveaway closes in 5 days.

Head over to Mommy Mandy's and enter.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

$25 Amex Gift Card - Nicole's Nickels - 12/10

All this is a no brainer. There are 10 winners and it isn't a contest that goes on for months. So head on over to Nicole's Nickel's and enter...there is a $100,000 prize that is going to be awarded too!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

ipad - Eighty Miles Per Hour Mom - 12/3

This is a bit late notice but Eight MPH Mom is giving away an ipad. Yeah! It is in conjunction with a Monster Success Stories giveaway. There are tons of ways to gain entries. Head over to Eighty MPH Mom, where you can win 16GB Wi-Fi Apple iPad (ARV $499)!

$1000 Rayovac - Traveling Mamas - 12/5

Rayovac Mom Rocks the Holidays Sweepstakes, is so super easy to enter. Just click on the widget and it will take you to Facebook where you can enter the contest and tell Rayovac how your mom rocks. There will be three winners who will win $1000 each! There is a prize pack for 20 additional winners. Contest closes on 12/5. Don't forget to check out the Traveling Momma's blog. They are giving away a prize pack too!

Followers who promote the Rayovac Mom Rocks the Holidays Sweepstakes may receive gifts from Rayovac!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

$150 Visa Gift Card - Bargainbabe - 11/8

I am always in search of a deal or stretching the family dollars a bit farther. Today I took my son to Sears for his portrait. I used two coupons, one for the 7.99 status quo deal and one that gave me a free 11x13 black and white (cool). Then, when I received my receipt, there was another deal for another free 11x13, and I could select a different pose! Shipping was not included and was 5.99. However, my total cost was $13.98 without tax. Having the 2 black and whites for a total of 13.98 just made my day...enough said.

Barbainbabe is hosting a giveaway for familyfinds.com...a site that offers deals for families. It is kind of in the newbie stage because there aren't offers all over the place, but it is a site that I would definitely check and if I win the $150 gift card, I will have more money to do things with...

Saturday, October 30, 2010

$25 Gift Card Rescue - Life is a Sandcastle - 11/13

I just discovered Gift Card Rescue and so love it! Since we have moved, we have had to purchase some additional furniture. We nabbed some gift cards to West Elm on Gift Card Rescue and saved ourselves $40 or so bucks. That $40 equates to one and one half free pillows from West Elm.

I wasn't sure if I would actually blog about this because I think the Gift Card Rescue is one of the best kept secrets around. However, there is a giveaway going on, and this one is SO worth entering. So here are the links:

Life is a SandCastle and Gift Card Rescue

Friday, October 29, 2010

Fiber & $25 Safeway GC - Confessions of a Psychotic Housewife - 11/6

I would akin eating enough fiber to flossing...if you don't do it, it comes back to haunt you. Thus, when I hear the "F" word mentioned, I start thinking about what I consumed that day that has fiber in it. If you don't want to think about fiber or suffer the ramifications of not having enough fiber, then simplify your life and check out Fiber One. They have zillions of products and just snacking on one once a day will become a "regular" habit...I say no more.

Check out Confessions of a Psychotic Housewife for the giveaway!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Paul Frank Slippers - Lady and the Blog - 10/16

The giveaway is a Paul Frank snuggle-fun prize pack...however, I am all about the slippers. I wore my trusty Eddie Bauer ones for years. I actually wore them out. I had gone through two layers of the soles but did not want to part with them.

The breaking point was the blue frosting incident. My son spilled blue frosting on the floor and I stepped in it. I knew my trusty pink beauties could not make it through a romp in the washing machine, so they departed for the garbage can....

My toes are wiggling with cautious anticipation that they might be hidden by a cute monkey...I'll know in a couple of days!

Check out Lady and the Blog to enter!

Friday, October 1, 2010

$100 Visa Card - Bonggamom - 10/4

No one can go wrong with a $100 visa gift card and I am loving the comments about breakfast. Kelloggs is sponsoring the gift card with Bonggamom. Enter and eat your breakfast!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Kindle 3G - One Savvy Coupon Mom - 10/3

I am married to a gadget guy. After 5 years of marriage I have grown to appreciate gadgets and I have had acquired a collection of my own kitchen gadgets. I do not have a Kindle. When I saw that One Savvy Coupon Mom was giving one away, I had to enter. However, my husband does not have a Kindle either....if I win, would I keep it or give it to him as a surprise gift....questions to ponder...I guess I'll cross that bridge if I win.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

HP Touchsmart - Spanglishbaby - 10/10

When I stumbled upon Spanglishbaby, I saw the giveaway for the HP Touchsmart. I was instructed to watch a video. I was so excited by the way the computer looks in the kitchen. My laptop is nearly always in the kitchen--mainly, because I can sit on one of my counter stools and observe the kids while they play in the living room. Also I spend so much time in the kitchen cooking and preparing food, serving snacks, etc.

Check out Spanglishbaby and enter!

Halo SleepSack - Freebies and Much More - 9/29

My son will not stay under the covers. I have resorted to putting two pairs of pajamas on him in order to keep him warm! I used to use Gap sleep sacks, but the largest size they offered was 18-24 months. He just turned two, so these sacks do not work anymore.

I was elated to find out that Halo makes a sleep sack for toddlers. Freebies and Much More is giving one away! Hooray for Freebies and Much More!

Babyliss Hair Dryer - Akronohiomommies 10/6

I purchased a Hot Tools curling iron a couple of weeks ago. I got it on Amazon for around $35. I was a bit skeptical about it. However, the stylist who does my hair uses one and $35 is a lot cheaper than the $100+ models. Then I tried it. I loved it.

It gets hot. If I quickly run it "down" my long hair before I actually attempt to curl it, the hair is so hot, that it burns my fingers to touch it. I LOVE my Hot Tools curling iron and it really makes me happy when I curl my hair, it never feels like a chore.

That being said, I am now really interested in getting a professional hair dryer. I have super thick long hair that easily takes 20+ minutes do dry. If I can reduce my hair drying time by 5 or so minutes, it would be well worth it to own this product.

Akronohiomommies is giving away a Babyliss Pro Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer and I really hope I win it!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

ipod Touch - ChristianPF - 9/23

If you haven't figured me out yet, I am all about budgets and fiance. (I used to be an accountant when I worked full time...now I am a full time SAHM.) I am so excited that he is giving away an ipod Touch.

He asked that I link my favorite blog post. I picked "The 7 Free Printable Worksheets" because I believe that when you start tracking your purchases, you will a) know where the money goes and b) hopefully develop realistic budgets. By realistic, I mean knowing what your needs are. It may sound fabulous to budget $60 for groceries per week, but if you cannot feed yourself or your family with $60, it isn't a realistic budget.

Multiple Prizes!!! Out of Debt Again - 9/27

Out of Debt Again is having a super-big giveaway. I really like these flea market style giveaway....there is a little bit of this and a little bit of that. It makes it really exciting in my opinion and if you do not win a big prize, odds are that you will win something. I am always excited to win a small prize...$30 to paypal or $25 from Amazon is awesome to me. These "prizes" enable me to fund things that aren't in my "budget"...yes, I stick to my budget, even if it is painful.

Also, the financial book prizes tend to be good reads too.

Check it out

Monday, September 13, 2010

Shredder - It's Really Only a Purple World - 9/18

Okay, I am a bit obsessed about having a shredder because I found another site giving one away! Yeah! If I had a shredder. I would use it. That's it. This isn't a giveaway for some kind of cosmetic that looks sketchy or a food item I wouldn't be tempted to buy at the grocery store. It is for a shredder and shredders reduce identity theft. It is a necessary item--not a whim purchase. So, I am trying to win one at It's Really Only a Purple World.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Stamps - Health, Beauty, Children, and Family - 9/24

These stamps by Storkie are so cool! I do not think I have ever seen personalized stamps before but won't they look great on personalized Christmas cards? I plan early for Christmas. I try to have all my gifts purchased by 9/30 and wrapped by 10/31. This totally frees up my Advent season. Check out these stamps at Health, Beauty, Children and Family.

FYI - Storkie does a nice job with invitations as well.

Paper Shredder - What's that Buzz - 9/19

Okay, asking for a paper shredder isn't very sexy..."honey, I want a paper shredder for Christmas.." Yeah, you know. However, everyone really needs one of these things and on the priority list, it falls somewhere after taking vitamins and before reading the daily paper. (I do neither activity.) I know I need one. I have been the victim of identity theft. What's that Buzz is giving on away and I do hope that I am the lucky winner...and if I am not, I hope that I am not the victim of identity theft again!

Pearl Earrings - Sammi's Blog of Life - 9/16

I am a pearl earring addict. I rarely wear anything else in my first hole. They always look fashionable and stylish. However, I lost one of my pearl earrings at the preschool picnic and I am in need of a replacement. Sammi is giving away a high quality pair. I am super excited!

Vtech Phone - Trying to Stay Calm - 9/21

My phone is super old. It is Motorola. The screen does not even work properly so you cannot see the digits. I really need a new phone and Trying to Stay Calm is giving way one from Vtech. I am hoping to win it. It is so tricked out...it will definitely increase my overall hipness.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Seventh Generation - Delightful Chaos - 9/7

I love the Seventh Generation spray that I ran out of. My admiration stems from the fact that my kids fling food all over the table and then retrieve, and eat the food that they have flung! I constantly spray the kitchen table with Seventh Generation and I do not have to worry about the harsh chemicals. In case you are wondering, we do provide our children with plates and utensils. Those items become airborne as well.

Delightful Chaos is running a lovely Seventh Generation complete with cleaning wipes. I am salivating over the wipes. Wipes are a very very very good thing--you can tell I change a lot of diapers!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

boymom T-Shirt - The Cartoon Lovin' Mom - 8/31

I rarely enter contests for apparel because a) I am picky b) I am really picky and c) it just isn't going to fit. However, when I saw the phrase "boymom", I knew I had to check it out. I have three boys. The other day a long lost friend wrote me a catch up email. He said "I can't believe you have kids!" I responded by emailing him saying "I don't have kids. I have boys."

Boys are COMPLETELY different than girls. I am an only child so I didn't have the "brother" thing going on. However, since I am married to a boy (a man) and have three boys. There have been things that have shocked me. My son could make car noises before he could speak. Football is not something that occurs just on Sundays. It occurs when either one of my sons takes a toy and RUNS. The thief looks like a running back and the "victim" (the one who lost his toy) looks like the defense trying to take him down. Sometimes the thief "scores" and gets away with the item and sometimes he is tackled and mom has to referee.

Boys (and men for that matter) can be completely oblivious about things that are definitely not oblivious. For example, one of my four year old's friends is undergoing chemotherapy and has lost her long hair. Since we had a play date scheduled, I had been mulling it over in my head how I would respond when he asked her about her hair during the play date. However, he said nothing when she came in. Then I figured, he would mention it she left. Nope. Finally I asked "Honey, did you notice anything about "Sara"?" He said no. Really, the kid didn't know the difference. I thought to myself, how can this be? But, he is a boy...and boys are just different.

So I entered The Cartoon Lovin' Mom's contest for a free boymom shirt--you can enter...but only if you have boys (that isn't in the rules-I made that up) but it just seems fair.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Magic Cabin Grocery Cart- Mommy of One - 9/6

Have you ever wandered around the toy section at Target and been disappointed? I have. I either do not like the quality, the design, or the concept, like wrestling toys for example--I do not watch WWF, so my kids do not play with wrestling toys. I have opted for Brio, Haba, and wooden Thomas toys. They are simple, classic, and durable.

I was very excited when I saw the grocery card giveaway from Magic Cabin on Mom of One blog spot. It is wooden with a sleek European design. It reminds me of a cross between Ikea and West Elm.

My youngest, age 2, would love this. Click here to enter.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Simple Green - Quick Tattletails - Ends 8/31

I try to use natural cleaners as frequently as possible. I only really use bleach in the bathroom. So far my kids have been ridiculously healthy. I cannot tell you the last time any one of them went on an antibiotic. (I also need to interject that we have lived in 3 different states in the past 4 years so it is odd that they have not been ill.) So I am a definite believer that natural cleaners are just as effective as cleaners with harsh chemicals. I have used Simple Green and I like Simple Green. So entering a giveaway for Simple Green is a "no brainer".

Quick Tattletails is having a giveaway. Check out her site and enter.

If I win, I am going to use the money I have saved to purchase this Emile Henry square baker from Williams Sonoma! I have the lasagna pan and the loaf pan and I adore Emile Henry.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Paperspring $50 Gift Credit - Wisconsin Mommy - Ends 8/25

I am really partial to paper supplies. Who doesn't need to send a note out at least a couple times a year? Those cheap 8 for $1 note cards at JoAnn's or Michaels do the job, but when you send something on nicer stationary, well, it means something and it says something in a way that those cheap cards do not.

I just got my Pear Tree Geetings cards in the mail. I love the quality of the paper. It is heavy and ultra smooth. It is elegant, just the way I like the paper on my note cards. I am so hoping I win this gift card because I want to see what Paperspring has to offer.

Wisconsin Mommy is having a Paperspring giveaway. Click here to enter.

PS-I have to compliment Wisconsin Mommy on a very appropriate blog design. I am a Wisconsin Mommy myself, and I am not native to the midwest or Wisconsin at all. Wisconsin is not a busy, gaudy or presumptuous place so her blog layout really reflects the feel of Wisconsin. Nice job!

One Savvy Couponing Mommy - $250 Amazon Gift Card Ends 8/30

One Savvy Couponing Mommy has a lot of giveaways. I have entered quite a few of them. I love this one because $250 is huge gift card. I am thinking about starting my Christmas shopping with this one. It is so easy to buy toys now, wrap them up and then forget about all that shopping stress during the holiday season.

I also think about Sephora when I see the Amazon logo. There is always something I need or can stock up on at Sephora.

One Savvy Couponing Mommy is offering 2 prizes, thus your chance to win is much higher. Click here to enter!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Raising My 5 Sons - Seventh Generation Ends 8/24

I have some great Seventh Generation all purpose cleaner. I love it. It doesn't have a smell and it is save. I have small kiddos and I don't want their hands touching all kinds of chemicals. My two year old has a way of coating himself, the table, the booster seat with food. Thus, I turn to my trusty Seventh Generation spray to clean all these items without subjecting him to harsh chemicals. I always feel better when I use natural stuff.

I used to wonder if it really disinfected everything. My kids are super health. None of them has been on an antibiotic in over two years.

Raising My 5 Sons is having a giveaway for Seventh Generation products. I am entered!

Deal Daddys: Giveaway -- Business Cards! Ends 8/13

I miss business cards. I have always had them with my various jobs. Actually, I didn't have them with my FIRST job, but I got them with my promotion. I remember when my boss said "go order your business cards". Gosh, I was so proud. It was some kind of write of passage or seal of approval.

As a stay at home mom, I work just as hard, but miss having the cards. I would use them there are certain people that I meet from time to time that do need my contact information.

You can enter at Deal Daddys