Saturday, November 6, 2010

$150 Visa Gift Card - Bargainbabe - 11/8

I am always in search of a deal or stretching the family dollars a bit farther. Today I took my son to Sears for his portrait. I used two coupons, one for the 7.99 status quo deal and one that gave me a free 11x13 black and white (cool). Then, when I received my receipt, there was another deal for another free 11x13, and I could select a different pose! Shipping was not included and was 5.99. However, my total cost was $13.98 without tax. Having the 2 black and whites for a total of 13.98 just made my day...enough said.

Barbainbabe is hosting a giveaway for site that offers deals for families. It is kind of in the newbie stage because there aren't offers all over the place, but it is a site that I would definitely check and if I win the $150 gift card, I will have more money to do things with...

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