Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Babyliss Hair Dryer - Akronohiomommies 10/6

I purchased a Hot Tools curling iron a couple of weeks ago. I got it on Amazon for around $35. I was a bit skeptical about it. However, the stylist who does my hair uses one and $35 is a lot cheaper than the $100+ models. Then I tried it. I loved it.

It gets hot. If I quickly run it "down" my long hair before I actually attempt to curl it, the hair is so hot, that it burns my fingers to touch it. I LOVE my Hot Tools curling iron and it really makes me happy when I curl my hair, it never feels like a chore.

That being said, I am now really interested in getting a professional hair dryer. I have super thick long hair that easily takes 20+ minutes do dry. If I can reduce my hair drying time by 5 or so minutes, it would be well worth it to own this product.

Akronohiomommies is giving away a Babyliss Pro Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer and I really hope I win it!

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